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Acne Clinic – Ethnic Skin Care – Acne Scars – San Leandro, Oakland

Long distance acne treatment from Clinically Clear

Long Distance Client: Still a work-in-progress. Similar results require using a specific acne-fighting regimen, sun avoidance, sunscreen use, and making important lifestyle changes. Results not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

Meet the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced acne specialist and ethnic skin care expert, Kat Leverette, at Clinically Clear™ Skin Rehab Center. We are a clinical skin care and acne clinic dedicated to problem skin on all skin tones, offering acne treatment, black skin care, African American skin care, services for ethnic skin and all skin tones. After 25+ years in Oakland, we’ve relocated to our beautiful new offices at 333 Estudillo Avenue-Suite 103-West Building, centrally-located in downtown San Leandro across from the public library.

Clinically Clear™ Skin Rehab Center is the home of the Bay Area’s first acne clinic, opened in Oakland in 1987. Our clear skin strategies include in-depth consultations and periodic follow-up visits, acne coaching, exclusive cutting edge skin care, brightening  and acne products, customized local and long distance programs, and expert professional treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark patches (melasma), sun damage, razor bumps, shaving irritation, sensitive skin, acne scars, clogged pores, dry skin, flaky skin and many other skin tone and skin care challenges.

Before & After: Nica's

Before and After: Results vary from person to person and require compliance to home care protocol, sun protection, professional treatments, and lifestyle changes.

No pills, prescription meds, Accutane or lasers that don’t work! Let us help you clear your acne, increase your self esteem, and boost your confidence. Get vital information about your skin, customized skin care, brightening and/or acne products, and a treatment plan to successfully address your skin care concerns. Make important lifestyle changes, with expert guidance and support along the way. We give you the tools and solutions to maintain healthy, blemish-free, even-toned skin and a positive self image for a lifetime. We care about you, we’ll help you, and we’ll encourage you!

We deliver safe, affordable ‘no frills’ corrective clear skin protocols, including superior acne treatment systems, chemical skin peels, enzyme peels, skin brightening, acne facials and scar treatment. Call the friendly, down-to-earth acne experts and ethnic skin care specialists at 510.370.3333 today to schedule your appointment for the best results-oriented skin care in the Bay Area.

Not in the Bay Area? We can still help you with your own customized Long Distance Program, which includes an in-depth consultation, effective skin care products, a customized protocol, and periodic skin care coaching for acne, dark spots, skin tone issues, razor bumps, etc. by phone, digital photos, email, text and Skype. Get personalized attention, support and expert advice to help you clear your acne and dark spots and stay that way, no matter where you live.

Our friendly, multi-ethnic staff of skin care professionals won’t pamper you…but we’ll treat you like family!

• acne – clogged pores
• ethnic skin – black skin
• razor bumps – ingrowns
• dark spots – scarring
• uneven skin tone
• scalp problems
• dry, itchy skin
• acne scars
• dark blemishes
• keloid scars