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Skin of Color.

Welcome to Clinically Clear® and the office of Kat Khadija Leverette, the Bay Area’s most experienced acne specialist and ethnic skin care expert specializing in acne, skin of color, and all skin tones, especially darker skin. Nationwide since 2011.

Clinically Clear® is a nationwide multi-ethnic consulting, skin care service, and product line dedicated to acne treatment, dark spots, acne scars, skin brightening, acne clearing products, and professional treatments for all skin tones and types, especially skin of color. After over 20 years in Oakland, we’re enjoying our beautiful office and headquarters, centrally located in the East Bay in downtown San Leandro, just 10 minutes south of Oakland. Learn more about Clinically Clear® here.

We opened the first multi-ethnic acne clinic in the Bay Area in Oakland in 1987. Our clear skin strategies include in-depth consultations and follow-up care, acne coaching, “active” skin brightening and acne products, and individualized local and nationwide long-distance programs. Come learn about our expert treatment for acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, melasma, sun damage, razor bumps, shaving irritation, sensitive skin, acne scars, clogged pores, dry skin, flaky skin, and other skin care challenges affecting skin of color.

Let’s Clear It Up!

No pills, prescriptions, Accutane, lasers, or expensive med-spa treatments that don’t work! Let us help you clear your acne topically in just two to four months. Increase your self-esteem and dramatically boost your self-confidence. We’ll provide you with vital information about your skin, a customized treatment plan, and potent products to clear your skin. And, we can work with any budget.

Follow your Clinically Clear® regimen and make a few lifestyle changes, with expert guidance and support all along the way. Get the tools and solutions to maintain healthy, blemish-free, even-toned skin, and a positive self-image for a lifetime.

Clinically Clear® delivers safe, affordable ‘no frills’ corrective clear skin solutions for all skin tones, including skin of color. We offer superior esthetic services including acne treatment products and skin brightening products.

Not in the Bay Area?

Clinically Clear® is nationwide and we specialize in acne and skin of color, so we can help you clear your skin from anywhere! As a long-distance client, you will receive a package designed especially for you. Because we’re on a mission to clear you up once and for all, we’ll help and encourage you along the way, even if you live far away.

Long-distance clients get an initial in-depth phone consultation and ongoing skincare coaching by phone, digital photos, email, video, and even quick advice via text messaging. Your Clinically Clear® consultant will guide you through the selection and proper use of our effective acne, brightening, sun protection, and basic skincare products. We provide easy-to-follow home care regimens and a list of lifestyle changes needed to clear your skin.

Ongoing guidance and support is available seven days a week and is key to clearing acne, fading discoloration, and conquering other skincare challenges. You’ll receive personalized attention, expert advice, and corrective products to help you clear your skin and keep it that way, no matter where you live.

Call the friendly team of Clinically Clear® acne experts and multi-ethnic skincare specialists at 510.370.3333 or request an appointment online today. Learn about the best results-oriented treatment products and services in the Bay Area and beyond. Let’s clear it up!

“We won’t pamper you…but we’ll treat you like family!” ~ The Clinically Clear® Team