Acne Treatment – Nica’s Before & After Story

Acne treatment

Nica before starting her acne treatment with Clinically Clear®

After acne, dark spots and acne scars have clearedClinically Clear, Acne Clinic, Dermatology Treatment Center, San Leandro CA

Nica after, with no makeup.

My name is Nica Brown and this is my “before and after” acne treatment journey. I started breaking out when I was 17 with little pimples here and there, but as I got older, my skin went crazy. The big painful bumps on my chin, jawline, and neck drove me crazy. I tried every over-the-counter acne wash and cream, but nothing worked. Everything I tried made my face more sensitive and irritated.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to pick, thinking that if I squeezed my pimples, I could make my acne go away. But I quickly learned that picking made everything worse, causing huge sores and dark spots all over my face and neck. At the time, I didn’t know this bad habit was introducing bacteria, slowing down the healing process, and damaging and scarring my skin. I soon became too ashamed and embarrassed to go out anywhere.

Dermatologist Experience

I finally decided to go to a dermatologist and they prescribed every acne treatment and medication under the sun. Some acne medications worked for a short period of time, while others didn’t work at all. Then, I tried Proactiv® acne solution, which never worked for my skin. My acne continued to worsen and I began to feel hopeless.

As a last resort, my doctor prescribed Accutane. I was desperate, so I started taking the pills, but immediately began to notice changes in my health, including mood swings and other side effects that became so bad, I was forced to discontinue taking it after only a short period of time.

 Acne Treatment at Clinically Clear®

Early one morning, while I was driving and listening to KBLX radio, I heard the Clinically Clear® commercial asking if I was tired of breaking out from acne. I pulled over immediately and wrote down the name and number. The minute I got home, I googled them, checked out all the reviews and information, and liked what I read. I called the acne clinic and made my first appointment to see Kat Leverette, an acne specialist and black skin care expert in the East Bay.

Two days later, I went to the office and met with Kat Leverette who’s been specializing in acne treatment acne and black skin care for many years. She took the time to explain the acne process, and then talked to me about my skin and what I needed to do to get clear. This included acne products and sun protection, icing my acne, and making lifestyle changes, including breaking some really bad habits and changing my diet.

She suggested that I stick to those changes to clear up faster and to stay clear longterm. I had to avoid salty foods, dairy, refined carbs, seaweed, soup, and peanuts. I also learned the importance of getting enough sleep, not picking my pimples, drinking more water, and stop using pore-clogging make-up. I purchased the acne products and skin brighteners she recommended, changed my make-up, and got started on my Clinically Clear® acne program. The rest is history! My before and after photos speak for themselves.

Changing my daily habits was the hardest part, but it’s been worth it.  I follow my acne home care instructions and come in for my acne treatments and follow-up visits on a regular basis. I never skip my sunscreen either! Before I knew it, I was clear and I’ve stayed that way for the most part for seven years! I’m a Clinically Clear® acne client for life and finally able to control how my skin looks and feels.

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Note: Results vary from person to person, and not possible without compliance to acne home care products, diligent sun protection, professional acne treatments, and important lifestyle changes, all of which must be monitored and maintained on a long-term basis. There is no cure for acne, but it can be treated and maintained.

Acne treatment

Nica with tinted moisturizer. 

Acne treatment

Nica with tinted moisturizer. Acne has cleared and skin texture has improved dramatically.