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Body Acne

Body Acne – Acne Treatment – Acne Scars – Bay Area

Body acne, like facial acne, is a common skin disorder evolving from hyperkeratosis (dead skin cell build-up) in the skin’s pilosebaceous units, made up of hair follicles, hair, sebaceous glands, and arrector pili muscle. These “units” are found everywhere on the body except on […]

Dark Spots - Uneven Skin Tone - Black Skin Care - San Leandro

Dark Spots, Acne Scars and Hyperpigmentation

Delete Dark Spots and Brighten Your Skin Tone

Of all the skin disorders that affect darker skin, black skin and other brown-skinned people of color, hyperpigmentation, especially dark spots, is the chief complaint. It can be the aftermath of skin problems, hormones, medications and medical conditions and many other factors, including acne and minor “skin […]

Acne: How-To Guide for Clear Skin

Acne triggers: Lifestyle issue to change

Acne Triggers: Lifestyle Changes to Help Clear Your Skin Stress and Lack of Sleep

Reduce your stress. Do whatever it takes. Stress, one of the major acne triggers, is caused by the wear and tear of day-to-day living and changes that take place in your life, both good and bad. Moving is comparable to the […]

Allergy & Acne-Free Clothes

Acne-Free Laundry Products – Free of Perfumes and Dyes

Problem: Scented laundry detergents, additives and fabric softeners leave harmful residues that can irritate sensitive skin, cause contact dermatitis, and worsen acne or eczema.

What to look for: Look for dermatitis on one side of your face, neck and body where you sleep, on your back, […]

Acne: Treatment Techniques

Homecare and Lifestyle Changes

A daily system of antibacterial and exfoliating products is needed to treat acne. True control means no physical sign of the disease shows in its active stage. Since acne is a treatable condition with no cure, most adult acne sufferers will be tied to a basic acne-fighting regimen for life, along […]