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Allergy & Acne-Free Clothes

Acne-Free Laundry Products – Free of Perfumes and Dyes

Problem: Scented laundry detergents, additives and fabric softeners leave harmful residues that can irritate sensitive skin, cause contact dermatitis, and worsen acne or eczema.

What to look for: Look for dermatitis on one side of your face, neck and body where you sleep, on your back, […]

Scrubbing Your Skin: Less is More

Manual Over-Exfoliation: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Scrubbing

The debate has always been heated among skin care specialists and dermatologists as to the risks and benefits of scrubbing one’s face and body parts. Over-exfoliation causes microscopic tears and abrades the skin, especially if a scrub contains granules with irregular edges (crushed walnut shells or […]