“When it comes to global skin tones,
we speak your language!”
What happens during a clinically clear® consultation?

During your Clinically Clear phone consultation, we get to know you ! We explore your health history, acne triggers, lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and current and prior product use and treatments. We discuss your acne and/or other skin problems, skin care goals, lifestyle, and exactly what we can do to help you.

To kick-start your path to clear skin, we customize a home care regimen and treatment plan based on your grade of acne, pigmentation problems, skin tone, sensitivities, and several other factors.

Then, we explain exactly how to use your products, explain what they do,  and why they’re important. We also provide a detailed list of diet and lifestyle changes needed to help accelerate the clearing process.

Your consultation fee includes periodic follow-up phone appointments. To be eligible, you must be using your products consistently as directed and follow-up every 2 weeks at first and at least every 60 days long-term.

Get a consultation appointment here. Have specific skin care questions? Ask here. Learn more about the center here.



What happens during a follow-up appointment?

During follow-ups, we discuss your progress, adjust your home care routine as your skin acclimates to your products, analyze product potency and usage to speed clearing, review lifestyle changes and any reactions, and answer any questions you may have. Frequent re-evaluations will keep you on track. Learn more about the center here.

Am I required to get a consultation?

A consultation wasn’t usually required to get professional skin care services like light chemical peels and clinical facials in the past. However, post-pandemic we are only giving treatment appointments to current clients who have completed the intake and consultation process and are currently using our homecare.

Please keep in mind, estheticians don’t do consultations in the treatment room. Our in-depth consultations are low-cost and help you get the most of our treatments. Benefits include a detailed analysis of your skin problems and the many contributing factors, a customized regimen to clear your skin, and free follow-ups* to keep you on track.

*As you use your home care products consistently as directed, follow-up when scheduled, and at least every 60 days after that.

Get a consultation appointment here. Have specific skin care questions? Ask here. Learn more about the center here.

How do I schedule a clinically clear® consultation?

You can request your consultation appointment here or call 510.370.3333. Learn more about the center here

How long are appointments?

Consultations take about an hour, but shouldn’t be scheduled on your lunch hour or when you’re in a tight time crunch. Follow-up visits take about 10-15 minutes.

Most complete peels and facial treatments take 45 minutes to a little over an hour.

Learn more about the center here.

What should I expect during an acne treatment?


Biweekly or monthly clinic acne treatments are customized for your type of acne, pigmentation issues, sensitivities, and whether you are dry or oily. We use our own exclusive professional products designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, de-clog the pores, calm the skin, kill bacteria and speed healing.

Treatments include deep cleansing and exfoliation using an enzyme or corrective chemical peel, extraction of pimples and blackheads, a calming and/or brightening mask, brightening serum or an anti-inflammatory cream, and sun protection. First time acne treatments consist of enzymes with brighteners and stream to prepare the skin for extractions. Once home care acne and pore-purging products are being used consistenly, we often perform liight chemical peels. Note: It’s impossible to extract every pimple, comedone and blackhead during a single procedure.

Quick emergency extraction appointments are available before special events and to prevent you from picking.

Read all about the benefits of professional treatments here. Learn more about the center here.

What should I expect from a chemical peel?


Please check out Benefits of Clinical Treatments and Peel Precautions. Learn more about the center here.

Are your products and services safe for darker skin?

Absolutely! We’ve been dedicated to multi-ethnic skin care for over 25 years. All Clinically Clear®  skin care systems are customized for your individual skin tone and skin issue. Learn more about the center here.


Do you take health insurance?

Sorry, we don’t accept health insurance. We can help provide documentation and receipts for some skin conditions so you can seek reimbursement from your Flex Spending Account (FSA). Check with your plan administrator to find out what is covered and what kind of documentation is required.

Learn more about the center here.

I’m on a strict budget. Can you still help me?

We can work with any budget. We will start you on the bare basics and add additional corrective products on your next payday, or as your budget allows. Learn more about the center here.

Do you take young children?

Yes, we can help if your child has acne, sensitive skin, dry skin and/or rashes. However, if we treat your child, please don’t bring other children to the appointment.

Do I have to use your products?


While you don’t have to use Clinically Clear®​ products, we urge you to try our homecare system to successfully treat your skin problem. What you use on your skin 24/7 is more important to the clearing process than periodic chemical peels and facials. We can work with any budget.

Clinically Clear® products have an excellent track record and will help clear your skin dramatically, making treatments and extractions less necessary, less expensive and less painful. We do require you use a zinc oxide-based, non-comedogenic sunscreen in order to get peels and facials at this office. Learn more about the center here.

Will my acne get worse before it gets better?
During the early weeks treating your acne, what was already formed deep in the follicles may come to the surface, especially close to the menstrual cycle.

BUT, if you follow the regimen exactly as directed, acne that surfaces will be much smaller and go away faster. Paying close attention to dietary and other lifestyle changes, icing as directed, and doing our special “spot treatment” at bedtime is equally important.

Can you guarantee your program will work for me?

Individual results vary, so we can’t give promises, time limits, or money-back guarantees. Corrective skin care incorporates product usage and compliance, consistent sun protection, periodic follow-up evaluations, and sometimes professional treatments are needed. Genetics (skin conditions can run in families) and a variety of lifestyle issues play a role in your skin problems. There is no permanent “cure” for acne, ingrown hairs, skin discoloration, and lots of other skin conditions, but most can be successfully treated and well-controlled if you adhere to your maintenance program on a long-term basis.

Since we can’t “go home with you” to monitor your lifestyle, health, and product use or misuse, we’re unable to offer a “Money Back Guarantee” on any regimen, product, treatment, or series of treatments.

Can you still help me if I’m pregnant?

Pregnant women break out too, and often suffer from hyperpigmentation, so we can definitely help you. There are plenty of safe corrective products and professional clinic treatments. There are a few ingredients not recommended for pregnant women, so we avoid those. Check with your doctor for a list of ingredients they want you to avoid.

Do I have to give credit card information to make an appointment?

Consultation and treatment appointments must be prepaid and can be paid securely online. Request an appointment here. Learn more about the center here.

Prepaid appointments are subject to our Cancellation Policy and other company policies.

Do you treat skin conditions on the body?

We treat body acne, keratosis pilaris, hyperpigmentation, folliculitis, ingrown hair, and dry itchy skin.

Do you offer relaxing facials, massage, and other spa services?
We are a strictly “no frills” clinic and focus on acne and results-oriented clinical skin care for all skin tones. We offer safe, affordable acne treatments, chemical peels, clinical facials, skin brightening, scar treatments, and other corrective skin care products and services in a casual, friendly setting. We don’t offer a quiet tranquil retreat, pampering facials, aromatherapy, massage, hair removal, brow or lash services, body scrubs, make-up application, body wraps, etc. Though we don’t offer laser hair removal, Botox® fillers, permanent cosmetics or microblading, we can refer you to experienced specialists in the Bay Area.
Why don’t you offer microdermabrasion?
We don’t recommend microdermabrasion for acne, pigmentation problems on people of color, or for hormonal hyperpigmentation, known as melasma. It can aggravate acne and worsen discoloration and dark spots. Skin peels can be customized, are much safer, penetrate deeper, and work much better to help correct these conditions.
Can I bring my children to my appointments?
To maintain a peaceful environment and be fair to everyone, please do not bring infants and children under 12 to your appointments. Please make childcare and back-up childcare arrangements in advance. Keep in mind, lack of childcare is not a valid reason for a last-minute cancellation. Unattended children under 12 may not wait in the reception area, parking lot or building lobby. Due to insurance guidelines, guests may not accompany clients into our treatment rooms. This includes infants, children, parents, relatives, friends and others.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal (info@clinicallyclear.com). Sorry, we don’t accept personal checks, business checks, third party checks, third-party money orders, traveler’s checks, FSA cards or health insurance. We can provide documentation for some skin conditions to submit to your FSA administrator for reimbursement.

When is the office open?

The office is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11-4 and Saturday 10-3. We’re closed Sunday, Monday and major holidays



Do you take walk-ins?


​Current clients don’t need an appointment to purchase products.

I don’t live in the Bay Area. Any way you can help me?

We can help you, even if you live far away! After your in-depth phone consultation, we’ll design a Long Distance Program for you and your immediate needs, skin tone, preferences, geographical location and lifestyle.

We then ship you a system that includes individualized skin care, exfoliating, brightening, and acne products, as needed. We include loads of information about your skin problem and an easy-to-follow home care regimen. Every week or two at first, and then monthly, we provide skin care coaching by phone, digital photos, texts and email. And, you can always send a text if you need help or have a quick question. Request your phone consultation.

Can I order your products online?

Our home care regimens are individualized for each client and our custom-formulated active serums and gels can be too potent to be casually purchased and then used without professional assistance and supervision.

Active corrective skin care must be introduced gradually and applied a specific way to achieve results and avoid or minimize side effects like dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. We demonstrate exactly how to use our products and adjust your usage schedule and assess their potency on a regular basis.