“When it comes to skin care for men,
we got you!”

To Our Future Male Clients

Taking care of our male clients comes easy. We don’t have just a few male clients; we often have four to six male clients in the office at the same time. 

No, you don’t have to navigate through an estrogen-driven salon with a maze of hair, nail, and pedicure stations and a sea of female faces. We work in a clinical setting.

For 30 years, our clientele has been at least 40% men of color, ranging from high school kids to high profile professional athletes and entertainers, and everything in between.

We know one thing for sure. We make every effort to make the guys feel relaxed and comfortable.

We provide free secure Wi-Fi, fresh drinking water, and R&B and old Motown music in the background. No new age, soft rock, or spa “whale music”. Honest.

Our waiting room is equipped with a flat-screen TV showing NBA, NFL, and NCAA games or the NFL Network or ESPN. You don’t have to watch Judge Judy, soap operas or game shows here.

Our facial beds are big, sturdy, and comfortable and our products aren’t girly-looking or perfumy.

We’ll keep your skin care regimen simple, we promise! We know a lot about acne, shaving problems, sensitive skin, redness, rashes, dry skin, and scalp bumps and we can help you with those issues and more.

We hope you’ll become lifelong clients because (a) you need our help, (b) our treatments work, and (c) you feel comfortable.