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Peel Deal Take-Home Kits

Three Steps to Radiant Skin!

Peel, Masque & Serum Kits $45*

Custom Brightening/Resurfacing Peel

~ followed by our custom masque ~

Brightening Masque

~ enhanced by~

Brightening Serum Booster

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IMPORTANT: Due to a life-threatening shellfish allergy, please do NOT eat or handle shrimp, prawns, crab, imitation crab, or lobster for a full 48 hours before entering the office.

Call the office for current Take-Home Peel Kits and Covid Policies.

Sunscreen use mandatory for all clients who get chemical peels and must be used consistently prior to and after getting any peel. Sorry, no vouchers, other promotions, discounts or check-in offers. Company policies apply.

We reserve the right to modify or discontinue services and pricing without prior notification to ensure quality standards are met. We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone.

Long distance clients seeking appointments for acne facials and skin peels in Atlanta or North Carolina, contact our affiliated provider directly or leave a message here.

Note: Results vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. A single peel treatment will not remove skin imperfections, but can help improve dark spots, skin texture, pore clogging, and uneven skin tone. Professional treatments should be performed on a regular basis to obtain desired results and require specific home care, sun protection, and lifestyle changes to see lasting improvement.

Chemical peels do not reduce ‘red’ spots (residual pools of inflammation) after acne has cleared. Peels can help brighten dark discoloration, fade dark spots, reduce inflammation. loosen acne impactions, and purge clogged pores. Stick to your home care regimen, use your sunscreen religiously, and make acne lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation and prevent new acne from forming, which causes new red and brown spots. This will allow blemishes to gradually fade away.