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Chemical Peel Precautions

Chemical peel precautions are important for both longterm and short term results like skin brightening and improved skin texture and to ensure safety and minimal adverse side effects.

Postpone your chemical peel if you’ve overused your products, picked or scrubbed your skin, been close to a heater or hot stove or if you’re excessively dry. No scented detergents, fabric softeners, soaps, shaving products, deodorants or skincare products.

Your should not workout, sweat, or expose your skin to sun or extremely hot or cold weather for 24 hours before or after your chemical peel, or 48 hours before or after body treatments. Even after 48 hours, do not work out if your skin is still irritated in any way.

Heat sources: Avoid hair dryers, heaters, fireplaces, hot ovens, stoves, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, hot wax and hair dryers completely for 24 hours. No space heaters or dry saunas, ever!

Don’t shave for 24 hours and no depilatories, laser hair removal or chemical hair services for 4 days, before or after your peel. No hot wax. If you use a retinoid (vitamin A) or get body peels, you may not use chemical depilatories or get waxed.

Friction: No washcloths, loofahs, sponges, spa gloves, scrubbers, buffers, scrubs, brushes, hair removal gadgets or Clarisonic-type devices. Friction can cause professional peels and active skincare products to irritate your skin. Do not try to scrub off dead skin cells or rub dry with a towel.

Avoid sun. Before and after your peel, don’t drive, work out, swim, go in a sauna, steam room, or hot tub, garden, or stand in direct sun. Apply sunscreen generously when sun exposure is unavoidable and reapply every hour. Wear a large-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Stand in the shade whenever possible.

Purchase a water filter if you live in a hard water area and change the filter often. Avoid saltwater, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools for four days post peel.

Use caution! Don’t apply homecare products too thick or too often. The only exception is sunscreen, which should be applied liberally and reapplied every hour. Apply all other leave-on products sparingly and massage in well. Don’t dot active skin brighteners onto dark spots or patches.

Hold off on active home care products for 24 hours after your treatment (except cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen). Start back only in the absence of irritation. Don’t apply active products on irritated, over-dry or peeling skin, on nearby skin, or on sensitive areas that don’t need treatment products.

No snug boots or shoes, sneakers without socks, ribbed or tight socks, tight or spandex leggings, pantyhose, stockings, sandals, strappy shoes or gladiator shoes. These cause friction which can darken the skin in the places where they come into contact.

Tight, binding or synthetic clothing in the peel area is a bad ideae for at least a week. No tight jeans. No hats, scarves or headbands that touch the skin. Wear properly-fitting sports bra only and full-size loose or stretch cotton jersey panties or no panties, soft tube socks worn with loose shoes or Uggs-style boots. No thongs and tight lacy (scratchy) lingerie or clothing. If in doubt, bring it in. Wear loose, breathable cotton clothing only.

Notify us immediately if you experience any prolonged stinging, irritation, redness, deep scaling or unusual skin discoloration. If you’re unsure of your instructions or these restrictions, contact us prior to your peel or product use and/or immediately if problems arise.

Note: Individual results may vary and require compliance to corrective home care products, diligent sun protection, and important lifestyle changes, all of which must be monitored and maintained on a longterm basis.

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